September 2020 News

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Plans For Reopening

Last Friday, we were granted permission by the state of Arizona to reopen provided we implement the policies and procedures that they require. The list of requirements is quite lengthy. It includes setting our capacity to 25% of normal (6 people per class, maximum), require that everyone wear a mask at all times, perform a symptom and temperature checks at the door, require that all participants pay in advance and have their space in class reserved in advance to minimize the handling of cash and credit cards, leave ample time between classes for cleaning and sanitizing, and being prepared to shut down again should Maricopa County see an increase in the infection rate. And, if at any point we are found to not be in compliance with the state’s guidelines, our business license could be revoked. The state is also very clear that if you can offer services virtually, that is what you should do until the infection rate dips below 2-3%.

I have spent the last week thoroughly reviewing the guidelines and considering all of my options. I have gone back and forth on when and how I should reopen for in person classes. I have had to consider what is best for the business and what is best for me and my family. After taking everything into consideration, I have decided to delay reopening the studio to in person classes until January of 2021. The biggest factor in this is that my daughter is expecting my first grandchild next month. Based on the advice of her doctors, I will need to be tested and quarantine for at least 2 weeks prior to travelling to California in order to meet the baby. Additionally, if I want to spend any time with my grandchild over the holidays, I will need continue to quarantine through the end of the year. I considered the possibility of running things remotely and having others teach classes, but with the capacity set at no more than 6 people per class, the business would lose money operating in this manner. Continuing to offer virtual classes seems to be the best choice for me and my business right now. My hope is that by January, we may see the infection rate drop low enough that some of the restrictions may be eased and we can return to tap dancing together again.

Fortunately, the business will be able to survive until the end of the year if we continue to operate virtually. The fundraising efforts in July combined with a grant from the Arizona Foundation and Maricopa County have given the business enough to cover our overhead through the end of the year.

October – November 2020 Session

Our October – November 2020 Session will be handled with pre-recorded virtual classes, just like we have done the last few sessions. Registration for the session should be ready by September 15.

Happy Local First Arizona Indie Week (all month)!

Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center is a proud member of Local First Arizona. Every year, Local First has what they call “Indie Week” where they ask the community to come out and support small local businesses. Indie Week typically happens the week of July 4. This year’s Indie Week was postponed due to Covid-19 and was rescheduled for September. Since small businesses need more help than ever, they have decided to make the entire month of September Indie Week XXL! They have created an Indie Week Bingo Card so consumers can play along and check off the different things they have done to support small businesses. Once you have a Bingo, you can submit your Bingo card online with proof that you completed all the things (such as pictures of receipts) and you will be entered to win some wonderful prizes! For more information and to download your Bingo card, please visit the Local First Indie Week website:

We are classified as an Arts Organization and a Woman-Owned business. So if you support us during this month, there are 2 squares you will be able to check off on your Bingo card! Plus, to make it easier for you, during the month of September, you can get 20% ALL CLASS PASSES purchased online by entering the code LOCALFIRST at checkout. This includes all Flex-Passes (including the 50 Class Flex-Pass) and the Virtual Lesson 7 Class Package! The discount code will be active Sept. 1 – 30.

And as part of Indie Week, we’ve teamed up with Hownd! Hownd is a Tempe based business that is designed to help small local business get more customers in the door. In the age of Covid-19, they created the “support voucher” which allows consumers to buy a voucher now and redeem it at the business later. Hownd will not only have support vouchers for our studio on sale, they will also have deals on Flex-Passes and 7 Lesson Virtual Packages. Keep an eye out on our website and your inbox for details on how you can purchase some of these deals. You might want to download the “My Hownd” from the App Store or Google Play so you’ll be ready to take advantage of the deals and offers.

I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy! I miss tap dancing with all of you and I’m looking forward to resuming in 2021! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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  1. Congrats to your daughter and your family on the upcoming birth of a new life. Can’t wait to see photos next month. Enjoy your time with family. Safe travels!

  2. Hi Mary,
    By remaining virtual you have made the safest choice for your business, family and clients, too.. Your virtual lessons are great and a welcome respite from the “COVID BLUES”. Have a wonderful trip to California to see your first grandbaby. You will have a pair of tap booties on baby in no time!

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