Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’ve never tap danced before? Is there a class that would be good for me?
Yes! Our Never-2-Late Part 1 class is the right class for you! In this class, you will be introduced to all of the basics. We take it slow and easy, explain everything, and breakdown all the basic steps.

What should I wear to class?
You should be comfortable and able to easily move in what you are wearing. We suggest a t-shirt and some sort of athletic pants or shorts. Dress as you would for an exercise class. If you are wearing long pants to class, please make sure that they do not drag on the floor when you are wearing your tap shoes.

I have tapped before. How do I know what level to take?
The best way to find out is to try a class or two. You can read the descriptions of each level on the CLASS INFORMATION page. That may give you a general idea of what level is best. Try a class at that level. If it’s too easy, then the next time you should try a level up. If it’s too hard, then go down a level next time. Eventually we’ll be able to figure out where you fit in. If you register for a class and it turns out it’s not the best level for you, we will gladly move you to another class.

Do you provide tap shoes?
No. Students are responsible for providing their own shoes. We do have some spare shoes that we use as loaners, but there is no guarantee that we will have your size.

Where do I buy tap shoes?
There are a few dance stores in the Phoenix area where you can purchase shoes. The 2 stores we recommend are:

Body Language Dance
located in Chandler Fashion Square

Dee’s Dancewear
3050 N Dobson Road, Suite 1,
Chandler, AZ 85224

What kind of tap shoes should I buy?
You will want to get jazz taps. These are shoes that lace up, have a low heel,  and look like a men’s dress shoe. The brand of shoes doesn’t really matter: Capezio, Bloch, So Danca, etc. are all fine. Please avoid purchasing shoes with a flexible sole, as they do not support the foot adequately for adults who are new to tap dance. High-heel tap shoes (Character Taps) are also not appropriate for the beginning level tap dance student.

I tried to register online, but I didn’t see the discount I’m entitled to receive. How do I get my discount?
We offer a 20% discount on our classes for Seniors over the age of 50, full-time college students, and current and former members of the US Military. If you are entitled to this discount, you will need to present your ID in person. We will then flag your account as someone who is entitled to the discount so that the discount will be automatic whether you register online or in person.

Do I have to register for the entire session, or can I just pay by the class?
We allow students to do what works best for them. You can register for the entire session or pay by the class. We also have our 10 and 20 Class Flex-Passes that are good for 4 months and allows you to drop into any class on our schedule. There are advantages to registering for the entire session however:

  1. Regular class attendance is the best way to learn and progress. People who register for the entire session are more likely to attend regularly.
  2. You get the best deal if you pay by the session.
  3. If you miss a class, you are allowed to attend another class as a make-up. All make-ups must be completed buy the end of the session.
  4. All classes must meet minimum enrollment in order to stay on the schedule. Minimum enrollment is based solely on the number of people enrolled for the entire session.

I’m planning on doing a drop in. Do you teach new things every class or will I be trying to keep up with people who have already learned the steps?
Our classes are progressive over the course of the session. During the first week, everything that is taught is new for everybody. During the second week, we review what was previously taught and then add on. This continues over the course of the session. People who drop into classes during the first few weeks are usually fine. As the session progresses, it will become more difficult to keep up with the class due to the amount of previously taught material.

If I need to do a make-up, won’t I be lost in a different class?
The same material is taught in all classes of the same level. So all Never-2-Late classes are working on the same thing, all Tap Level 1 classes are working on the same thing, etc. If you attended a class of the same level, you’ll work on the same things as your normal class.

Can I take more than one class a week?
Of course! We have several students who regularly attend 2, 3, 4, or even 5 classes each week. You will find that the more classes you attend, the faster you will progress. If you are attending 4 or more classes each week, we recommend you purchase an unlimited pass for the session.

I have a child who would like to learn to tap dance. What classes do you have for them?
We are an all adult tap dance studio and do not offer classes for children. We will take students as young as 14 provided that they are in high school and conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate for an adult dance class.

I’m interested in joining your performing group, The HeartBeat Tap Ensemble. What are the requirements?
We have 2 sub-groups for the HeartBeat Tap Ensemble: The Golden HeartBeats and the Crimson HeartBeats.

For the Golden HeartBeats, you need to be at least 50 years of age and a solid Level 2.6 or higher tap dancer. The Golden HeartBeats meet Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10 am.

The Crimson HeartBeats are open tappers ages 16 and up who are a solid Level 2.6 or higher tap dancer. The Crimson HeartBeats meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 pm.

Joining the HeartBeats is a commitment. Each meeting of the HeartBeats is equivalent to a class meeting in terms of cost and registration. All members of the HeartBeats are also required to take at least 1 technique class each week, level 2 or higher so that their tap dance technique will continue to improve. All members are required to pay for a minimum of 3 classes per session: 2 for the HeartBeat classes and an additional level 2 or 3 technique class. Potential new members are allowed to do a single drop-in to get a feeling for the group and see if they would like to join. Many members of the HeartBeats purchase unlimited class passes each session. In addition to our regular meetings, we sometimes have additional rehearsals when we are preparing for a performance. These extra rehearsals are at no additional cost. Members of the HeartBeats are also required to purchase red and black “spectator-style” tap shoes and must cover the cost of their costumes. ​