August 2020 Mid-Month Update

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T-Shirt Design Contest Results

We had several wonderful entries for our t-shirt design contest. After we announced the 3 finalists on August 1, voting opened for a 1 week period. During that week, 115 people voted for their favorite design.

The design in 3rd place, with a total of 10 votes is…

The Zoom Stick Figures Tap Dancing Alone Together design was submitted by Caitie Cunningham. Congratulations, Caitie, for making it to the finals. You will have a free class added to your account for making the top 3!

The design in 2nd place, with a total of 33 votes is…

This design was submitted by Mary Elliot. Congratulations, Mary, for coming in 2nd place. We will be adding 2 free classes to your account for coming in 2nd place!

And the winner is…

The winning design received 72 votes and was submitted by Nancy Stone. Nancy will be receiving a t-shirt with her design idea and a 5 Class Flex-Pass. The professional graphic designers at ThinkPro Graphics have finalized the design and here it is:

ThinkPro is making this design available to us on 2 different shirts. The shirt on the left is a unisex t-shirt that runs in men’s sizes. The shirt on the right is a ladies fitted v-neck. Both shirts are slate grey in color. These shirts are available now for $25 at Once you get to the site, click on the LIMITED EDITION box to place your order. You have until August 29th to place your order. This shirt will not be available after that. ThinkPro will then print and ship the shirt to you. Expected delivery is mid-end September. All proceeds from this sale benefit 2 local businesses: Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center and ThinkPro Graphics.

COVID-19 Update

On August 10, the state released the guidelines for when and how gyms and fitness centers can reopen. Top of the list is that the county in which you are located must have a percentage of positive test results of under 10% for 2 consecutive weeks. As of today, Maricopa County is at 13.1%. Once we reach that benchmark, I will be able to submit an application to reopen. I have heard that the turn around time on these applications will probably be somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks. In order to reopen, we will need to make sure our facility has proper ventilation, limit the capacity of our classes to 25% of what is normal, require that everyone wear masks at all times, screen for symptoms at the door including temperature checks, thoroughly clean between classes, enforce hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, enforce social distancing throughout the facility including sectioning our floor to insure that social distancing is taking place during class, and close all common/communal areas. Once the percentage of positive classes drops below 5% for 2 consecutive weeks, we can then increase our capacity to 50% of normal. All of the other requirements will stay in place. When we drop below 3% for 2 consecutive weeks, we can then increase our capacity to 100%. They did not specify when or if we can eliminate the other requirements.

I am guessing that it could be the first of the year before we will be able to resume in-person classes. There are some studios that are holding classes in spite of these mandates, or in some cases adding a few kids classes to their schedule so that they can say they fall under the youth activities exemption, but I’m not willing to take those risks. The punishment if caught can include having your business license revoked. Plus, it’s risky for everyone’s health and safety.

Video Classes

Since we can’t have in-person classes, I’m going to continue to promote my pre-recorded virtual classes. I’m getting some wonderful feedback from the people who are taking these classes. And the library of classes we have available keeps growing. So if you haven’t bought some, you might consider giving it a try.

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