Virtual Class Information

Classes are currently be offered in person, via Zoom, and in a pre-recorded virtual format.

Virtual Class Information

Our pre-recorded virtual classes are designed for adults and follow the same format as our in-person classes. They are delivered via email in the form of an attached PDF file. The file contains directions for your lesson, links to videos, and choreography notes. There are 7 individual lessons for each level in a session.

August – September 2021 Virtual Classes

All of our classes for the August-September 2021 Session are also available in our pre-recorded virtual class format, except for Levels 1, 2X, 3PREP, and 3.

Available Virtual Classes

In addition to the Aug-Sept classes, all of our virtual classes from previous sessions are still available. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these 7 lesson packages:

Click here to purchase one of these packages

If the level you are purchasing has more than one available set of lessons, be sure to select which routine you would like to receive from the drop-down menu.