July 2021 News

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Let’s talk about masks…

Being a small business owner who offers physical activity services for adults in Arizona right now is difficult at best. Last year, when the state shut down all gyms and fitness centers, I was required to sign forms stating that when we were allowed to reopen, I would implement certain protocols and would require that masks be worn in the studio (including the lobby) at all times until the percent of positivity in the Phoenix metro area was below 3% for 2 consecutive weeks and that the daily new cases per 100,000 fell below 5. Then the governor lifted all mask mandates a few months ago which put businesses such as mine in a strange situation. We all had to sign affidavits saying we would restrict capacity, require social distancing and advanced registration for all classes, and require masks throughout our facility, yet the governor was now saying that masks were no longer necessary. And at that point, most businesses went to a mask optional policy and most Arizonans stopped wearing masks, regardless of their vaccination status. I have checked with the state and have been told that as a small business owner, I can do what I want as far as masks are concerned. When I mentioned the affidavit, they were not able to give me a straight answer as to whether the state would do anything to businesses who had signed and submitted the affidavit and then implement policies contrary to what they had agreed to in writing. A few weeks ago, Arizona and the Phoenix metro area were heading in the right direction and I seriously considered changing our studio mask policy to optional for those who are fully vaccinated (masks would still be required for anyone who is unvaccinated or not yet reached the fully vaccinated status). In the last week, however, the numbers in Phoenix have begun climbing again, and I believe it is because people in our area have stopped wearing masks. As of this writing, the daily new cases are at 8.1 per 100,000 and the percent of positivity is 5.0% (it was down to 4.1% a couple of weeks ago). We also have the Delta variant in our state now and there are recommendations from some medical professionals that even people who are fully vaccinated wear masks when indoors. On top of everything, there are the very strong opinions of all of our students. I have had some say that they will not return to the studio until masks are no longer required. I had one person tell me that they found people tap dancing in masks so depressing that they won’t return until no one is wearing a mask in class. I have had quite a few people tell me that they will stop coming to class if I make masks optional because they would not feel safe. And I even had someone threaten to sue me for requiring masks. I honestly feel like I’m being torn in all directions. The final decision is up to me and no one else, and I have decided to follow the guidelines that I agreed to with the state of Arizona several months ago. Masks will be required in the studio until our percent of positivity falls below 3% for 2 consecutive weeks. If you cannot wear a mask and tap dance for an hour, we recommend you take classes via Zoom, take our pre-recorded virtual classes, or wait until the statistics support going to a mask-optional policy. If you’re interested in following the statistics that are helping to drive my decisions, please check out https://covidactnow.org/

July Workshops

Tuesday July 6, 2021: Anthony and Staci LoCascio

Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center and AZ Tap Club are proud to bring you a day of classes with Anthony and Staci LoCascio. Classes are being offered in person and via Zoom. Space is limited for the in person classes, so we recommend you register as soon as possible.

Class Registration:

1 Class: $30
2 Classes: $50
3 Classes: $75

Classes being offered are:

Intermediate and Advanced: 3 – 4 pm
This class is for students who are at a high level.

Advanced Beginning and Intermediate: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
This class is appropriate for Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center students who are fast learners and are comfortable in our Level 3 classes.

Beginning: 6 – 7 pm
This class is appropriate for Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center students who are comfortable in our Level 2 classes. Some of our more advanced Level 1 students might also be ready for this class.

Click here to purchase class passes for this event

Click here to select your classes

A limited number of private lesson spots are also available. Please email Mary at mary@w2wdance.com to book your private lesson.

Native New Yorker, Anthony Lo Cascio, is the first American to earn a standing role as an NYC cast member in “Tap Dogs”. He has performed and taught in all 50 states and a few other countries, made various TV appearances, as well as opened shows for many greats including Stevie Wonder.

Teaching, performing & choreographing is truly Anthony’s life passion and the combination of these things led him to the unexpected birth of his own tap company. Once taking on the role of Artistic Director for #Taplife Company, he started producing original shows & music videos as well as mentoring young tap dancers all over the country.

Anthony’s current projects are not only dance related as he has a keen interest in technological developments that can enhance the dance studio industry. He recently became a published author with his wife, Staci and is excited of the prospect of co-authoring a cookbook as well.

Visit taplifecompany.com and search #Taplife on all social media.

Mary Wall

Join Mary Wall for a variety of classes during the month of July, including classes to help you improve your shuffle technique, an exploration of basic steps and how they can be used in different rhythms, a fun Broadway Tap class, and a workshop that takes your time step knowledge beyond our Level 2.7 class. Each class is $15 ($12 for our discount members) or you can use your flex-pass to enroll. All classes are available in person and via Zoom. Click here to register on our Wellness Living site.

Please note: The Tap Basics and Rhythms Workshop is full and has a waiting list. If you are registered for this class and you are not able to attend, please let us know so that we can open up your spot to someone who will be able to attend. The Improve Your Shuffles Workshop is very close to filling. If you are registered and cannot attend, please let us know.

Jenefer Miller

Jenefer Miller will be teaching a couple of workshops for us in July too! Join us on July 13 for a technique workshop (Level 3 and up). Then she’ll be back on July 23 for Tappy Hour! Bring a delicious beverage and join is for some fun tap combinations (open to all levels). All classes are available in person or via Zoom. Click here to register on our Wellness Living site.

Register now for our August/September Session!

Registration is open on our Wellness Living site for our August-September 2021 Session. Classes will begin on Monday, August 2 and will conclude on Friday, September 17. All classes are being offered IN PERSON and via ZOOM. If you are not comfortable handling your own registration, please email Mary at mary@w2wdance.com and she will assist you. Or you can call or come by the studio during one of our registration days:

The Tap Level 2 classes we will be offering this session are 2.2 (Soft Shoe), 2.5 (The Shim Sham Shimmy), and 2.8 (The B.S. Chorus and the Copasetic Chair Dance). We are also adding in Tap Level 2X, which will be suited to students who have completed all of the Level 2 class but are not yet ready to jump into Level 3. Also new this session is Tap Level 3PREP. Students in this level will work on the same choreography as the regular Level 3 class, but the 3PREP class will move at a slower pace.

Virtual Classes

August – September 2021 Virtual Classes

All of our classes for the August-September 2021 Session are also available in our pre-recorded virtual class format, except for Levels 2X, 3PREP, and 3.

Available Virtual Classes

In addition to the Aug-Sept classes, all of our virtual classes from previous sessions are still available. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these 7 lesson packages:

Click here to purchase one of these packages

If the level you are purchasing has more than one available set of lessons, be sure to select which routine you would like to receive from the drop-down menu.

4 thoughts on “July 2021 News”

  1. Thank you for the update re masks, Mary. Your decision to require masks seems like a logical one to protect the health of your students and the community. I personally have a connection to 8 people who have died of COVID complications. Were people this selfish during the polio epidemic of years ago…refusing the polio vaccine? My recollection is that the country pulled together at that time to protect one and all. Sad, sad that COVID, a health issue, has been turned into a political issue.

  2. Wow, what a struggle that is for you – trying to figure out how to please everyone yet doing what is best for your business. I admit, I’m a bit disappointed that there still is a need to require masks but then again I’m so excited to get back to tapping in person that I will wear it 🙂 I’m going to be nervous tapping again in front of people instead of just you talking through my computer but I can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Mary, I support and respect your difficult decision regarding the mask policy at the studio. No one, least of all me, enjoys wearing a mask while dancing, but in the grand scheme of adversity, it’s really far down the list. I’ll be there with a big smile under my mask.

  4. Mary if I had a small business I would be requiring masks until the rate is down or vaccinations reached 80% neither of which is occurring in AZ. I would rather lose the customers that refuse to come without a mask than have the guilt of someone catching COVID or putting additional stress on the hospitals because I did not do my best to protect myself and others. Wearing a mask is a pain (especially for me as I am allergic to most of them – fibers, glues, etc) but it is a lot better than getting sick or getting someone else sick that can’t get the vaccine. I have friends that are immune compromised and cannot get the vaccine because that will kill them. Your policy is making it safer for them to participate in activities so I appreciate it.

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