Mid-September 2018 Update

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Schedule Update

Our September-October Session is underway! Here’s what our daily schedule looks like through October 26. The schedule and registration for our November – December Session will be available by October 1st. We had a great first week back and are looking forward to a fun session. Here’s a recap of what we did in each level during week 1:

Never-2-Late Part 1 – Students were introduced this week to 4 very basic steps.
Never-2-Late Part 2 – We reviewed all of the Part 1 exercises and then introduced the Maxi Ford.
Tap 1 – Students in Tap 1 began learning a fun routine to “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
Tap 2.4 – This class is all about Military Time Steps. Students were introduced to singles, doubles, and triples this week. We’ll be adding more variations in future weeks.
Tap 3 – Students in Tap 3 began a new routine to “Connection” by OneRepublic. The primary focus on the first week combination was weight changes and musicality.

5th Annual Fitness Frenzy

Please join us the morning of Sunday, September 23rd for our 5th Annual Fitness Frenzy benefiting Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks. We are offering 3 fun fitness classes that morning and are asking for a donation of $10 per class. All of the proceeds from this event go directly to the charity. In addition to the classes, representatives from the camp will be in attendance and will have “Cancer Sucks” apparel available. Even if you can’t make it to the event, we will gladly take your donation.


AZ Tap Club

Condos Brothers Workshop with Danny McKeon

AZ Tap Club is back, and the next meeting will feature the Condos Brothers’ routine “War Dance” taught by Danny McKeon.

Check out a video of the Condos Brothers performing this routine here:

Last Chance Shoe Orders!

We placed our group order with Miller and Ben about a month ago, but several people have approached me since about wanting to order shoes. Because we met our 10 pair minimum, Miller and Ben are willing to take a supplemental order for anyone else from our studio who wants to order shoes. I will be taking orders at the studio from Monday, September 17 – Friday, September 28. Here’s what you need to do if you want to order shoes:

  1.  Check out the website at http://tapemporium.com/. Decide what style and colors you would like. If you have never worn Miller and Ben Shoes before, I recommend starting with either the Jazz Tap Master, or the SportTap. Be sure to get the numbers for the colors you’d like and not just the name.
  2. Place your order with Mary at the studio. She will need all of the following information:
    – Style of Shoe
    – Color A for the shoe (toe cap, heel cap, lace cap)
    – Color B for the shoe (wing-tip area)
    – Rim Color (sides of sole and heels)
    – Lace and Eyelet Color
    – Whether you want the standard design or the royal design
    – European shoe size. Include width information and whether you need orthotic enabling.
  3. Pay for your shoes. We are unable to place orders for shoes until they are paid in full. If you order the Jazz Tap Master, Rhythm Heels Pro, Broadway Diva, Classic Jane, or T-Step in standard colors (all black, all white, black and white, or skin tan) the cost of the shoes is $249. If you order any other style or colors other than the standard colors, the price is then $279. These prices include everything:, shoes, taps, tap installation, and shipping.

Mary will be placing this order on September 28. After that, it will be next August before we will have the group sales discount available again. If they have your shoes in stock, we should receive them by the end of October. If they do not have your shoes in stock, we will be receiving them the end of December or beginning of January. Please see Mary with any questions.

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