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We Remain Closed for In-Person Classes

We are committed to the health and safety of our students. The plan for re-opening our studio is still not in place, as it will depend heavily on the guidelines issued by the state and federal governments and the current rate of infection in our area. When we do resume classes, it is very possible that we will be limiting class sizes, require that students wear masks, take the temperature of all students and staff, and require everyone to wash their hands upon entering the facility. If you do not know anyone who has had this virus, consider yourself lucky. I know several people who have either had it or suspected that they had it and were unable to get tested due to the fact that there are still not adequate tests available. One of my sisters and her husband had it, She was just cleared from quarantine, but my brother-in-law passed away on April 19. My personal connection to this disease is informing my decision to proceed with great caution on reopening. Additionally, I have been informed that reopening may present some liability issues for my business. Business liability insurance does not cover viruses. If I were to reopen and if a student were to contract Covid 19, I could be sued if the point of contact is believed to be at my studio. My best guess is that the earliest we will reopen is the end of May (maybe for National Tap Dance Day) or beginning of June, but I am preparing for the possibility that it could be July or August before we are able to safely reopen. I am also preparing for the possibility that we may reopen and then need to close again as a second wave of Covid 19 hits. All I can say is stay tuned for more information. We will be sure to send out an email update when the reopening plan is in place.

Regarding your passes: It turns out my registration system does not have a way for me to easily pause everyone’s flex-passes. As a result, I will need to deal with everyone’s passes individually. Once classes resume and you return to classes, if you had an active pass when we closed, I’ll need for you to either email me in advance or stop by the front desk on your first visit so we can reactive or extend your pass. No one will lose classes that they paid for because of this crisis.

Virtual Classes

In the meantime, many of our students are helping my business and keeping up their tap dance skills at the same time by taking our virtual classes. Week 7 for the current session of these classes is scheduled to be emailed on Monday, May 4. I have decided to add an 8th class via Zoom for those who are interested. If you have purchased all 7 weeks of a class, this 8th class will be free and you are automatically enrolled in it. You will be receiving an email on Monday with information on how to access and attend the Zoom class. If you have not purchased all 7 weeks of the class but would still like to attend the Zoom class, you will need to register and pay for the class. The cost of the Zoom class is the same as our in-person classes, so if you have classes available on a current flex-pass, you can use it to attend the Zoom class. The schedule is:

Tap Level 1: Fri May 8 10 am
Tap Level 2.2: Tue May 5 10 am
Tap Level 3: Wed May 6 10 am

Feel free to email me if you are not comfortable registering online. I will be sending out instructions for how to set up Zoom on your computer. You will need to have a computer, laptop, or tablet that has a microphone and camera. You can use a smart phone, but they don’t work as well.

Next Session

I am planning on continuing virtual classes until we reopen. I will need a little bit of time to prepare the next session, but I am planning and hoping to have Week 1 ready to go out on Friday, May 15. I will be shifting the email day to Friday, because I currently spend my entire weekend getting the Monday lessons ready to go out. I am also reevaluating the format of the classes and I’m playing around with some video editing software that will hopefully make putting these lessons together a little less time consuming.

If you missed the classes we offered for the March-April Session and would like to purchase them, drop me an email. If you have classes available on your account, you can use them to purchase any of these classes. Or, you can buy one of our new Virtual Lesson 7 Class Packages!

Introducing the 7 Class Virtual Package

I have added a special pass just for people who would like to purchase all 7 Lessons of a class. This pass is $80. There are no discounts for this pass as it is already discounted. If you were to purchase the classes individually it would be $105 ($84 for those who receive the discounted price for classes).

Click here to purchase a Virtual Lesson 7 Class Package

Never-2-Late Virtual Classes are Here!

By popular demand, I have now created a video series for all of our Never-2-Late classes. I am still putting the finishing touches on the videos, but they should be available by the middle of next week. If you’d like to receive them, make sure you have enough classes on your account or purchase a Virtual 7 Lesson Package and then email me with which level class you would like. I’ll send them out as soon as they are ready!


I am playing with the idea of offering some merchandise for sale with curbside pick-up. My top priority in keeping the business going so far has been the virtual classes, but I’m hoping as I settle into a rhythm for the next session that I’ll be able to put together some deals you can order online and then pick-up curbside. Watch your email and our social media pages for information about this.

Miller and Ben Shoe Orders

The last I heard from Miller and Ben, they were expecting the remaining shoes from our order to arrive in New York the end of April. Once they receive them, they inspect each pair individually and install the taps before they forward them to me. It typically takes about 2 weeks from the time they receive them to the time they ship them out. I emailed them this morning to see if they had an estimate as to when the shoes would be headed to Arizona, and have not heard back. Please keep in mind that they are located in the New York City area, which has been the epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States. They have had to furlough their entire New York staff. The owners are doing all of the work themselves. It is very possible that the typical 2 week turn around time may be longer. For those of you waiting for shoes, please be patient and I will notify you as soon as I hear something.

Mary Update

People have been contacting me to ask how I’m doing. I appreciate all of your good thoughts and well-wishes. Through all of this, I am still going to physical therapy 3 times a week. Just today, they said I’m done with my leg exercises (Yay!). The leg feels pretty good. It’s still not 100% but it’s probably in the 90-95% range. When I first started, they told me that it could be an 18 month process for it to get completely back to normal. My arm has been another story, however. I’m still having a lot of issues bending, straightening, and twisting the arm and I’m still experiencing pain at 4 months post-op. At my last follow-up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, they said my X-Rays showed some additional bone growth that is probably causing the problems. They said I will need 1-2 additional procedures to take care of it. Because of Covid 19, they were unable to schedule anything because these procedures are considered elective. After the governor announced that they were opening up elective procedures as of May 1, I called my surgeon’s office. They are prioritizing people who had to cancel their knee and hip replacements first. They have scheduled me for more x-rays and an appointment on May 14. Hopefully they will be able to schedule me at that time.

But there’s good news!

Just in case you haven’t heard… I’m going to be a GRANDMA!!! My daughter and her husband are expecting a little girl in October! I’m hoping I will get to meet her in person and not via Zoom or through a window!

12 thoughts on “May News”

  1. Congratulations, Grandma Mary! You will have some little tap booties on that new baby in no time.

    1. Congrats, Mary, on the little one to come!! How exciting! I am admiring of how you plunged into this new phase of business. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks for all the hard work! I have enjoyed the virtual
    Classes…live the videos so I can continue to practice when not in class. Repetition really helps! Congrats on the Grandma news! See you soon…I hope.

  3. Hi Mary – congratulations on become a Grandma soon and especially nice that it is a girl!! I too am getting better each day – can’t believe I have spent almost a year healing from various falls….hope to catch up when life gets back to our normal…..sending good thoughts and well wishes for your continued recovery!

  4. You have been busy for sure! I too have been enjoying the virtual classes. Since I have only been tapping since October, they really help a lot being able to watch over and over and remembering the routine, very much like your video that I bought. So I am VERY appreciative of the hard work that goes into making those. I am so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law šŸ™ What a horrible time we are in now – I hope your sister is doing ok. But, happy to hear your good news šŸ™‚ See you on Zoom!

  5. Hi Mary! Good to hear all the news and Mazel Tov on Gramma news. My knee is still having issues, but i hope I will tap again.

  6. Awwww…. I’m so sorry about your brother in law. I hope your sister is holding up…as well as the rest of your family.

    I’m glad you got some legal advice…when I learned the virus was here… that was one of the first things I thought of… the legal ramifications. I read that there’s already around 800 suits filed here in the US.

    I’m sorry your arm is still giving you trouble! I hope that gets resolved, soon.

    And congrats on the forthcoming grandbaby!

  7. Thank you again for all it takes to keep your students dancing. Your efforts are much I appreciated. I’m getting spoiled having videos to review everyday…repetition is so good for me to learn.
    Thank you for the update on the shoe order.
    So sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. And Congrat’s on the upcoming birth of your first grandchild.
    I’ve been very lucky that my kneecap has healed well and PT has progressed amazingly well. I did participate in the LV Tap Fest Zoom edition…it was good.
    Wishing you the best outcome on the procedures for your elbow.

  8. Mary, sorry to hear of the loss of your brother-in-law. Glad to hear that you’re healthy and will soon be able to have corrective surgery.
    Congrats to your family on the upcoming new addition!
    Looking forward to class later this year.

  9. I so enjoyed your update. Such sad news about your brother-in-law. But happy about your first grand daughter!
    I was looking at the 2.2 class. But did not see a time. Am a bit overwhelmed at the process, but would like to try it, if I can manage the technology. Help?

  10. Congratulations on becoming a grandma! Iā€™m enjoying the video classes but miss seeing you and my fellow students. I appreciate all your hard work and effort to keep up tapping. You are great!! šŸ’ƒšŸ¼

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