Last Chance Shoe Orders and Studio Promotional Video

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Shoe Order deadline Friday, September 28!

The last day to place your shoe order for this year’s Miller and Ben group sale is this coming Friday. I not only need to know exactly what you want (style, color, etc) I will also need your payment in full. Depending on what you order, the shoes will be either $249 or $279. This includes taps, tap installation, and shipping. If you order a standard shoe that they have in stock, you should be receiving your shoes by the end of October. If you are ordering a shoe that they do not have int stock, they should arrive sometime in December.

Studio Promotional Video – Calling all hams!

We will be filming a promotional video for the studio this Friday, September 28, during out morning classes. If you are in one of our Friday morning classes, please come to class prepared to be on camera. If you have one of our t-shirts, please wear it. If you do not, we request that you dress in solid colors with no writing or logos on what you are wearing. Some of you may also be interviewed on camera regarding what you like about the studio and our classes. This video will be posted on YouTube, our website, and social media. Additionally, about 15 seconds of footage will be used in a advertisement that will be shown at the Harkins Camelview Theater.

We are looking to fill the studio with smiling happy tap dancers on Friday for this filming. Even if you do not regularly attend the Friday morning classes, please feel free to come take class. The more the merrier! The schedule for Friday is:

  • 9 am – Tap Level 1
  • 10 am Tap Level 3
  • 11 am Never-2-Late Part 2

If you have any questions, please email Mary at

2 thoughts on “Last Chance Shoe Orders and Studio Promotional Video”

  1. Hi Mary,
    I look forward to being there Friday as usual…looking my best. I was wondering if it would be ok to wear a black shirt that says, “Dance.” That’s all it says, and it is fairly small. It’s done in little crystally things. It’s not a logo or anything.

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