June 2021 News

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We’ve had a lot of people asking how much longer we will be requiring masks. Some of our students are ready to ditch them while others don’t wish to be in a class with unmasked students. Based on the current percent of positivity in the Phoenix area, we have decided to finish off this session with our mask requirement in place. You’ve made it through 5 weeks with masks. Two more weeks shouldn’t be that hard. The state of Arizona classifies us as a fitness center. The original guidelines that the state put out last fall for fitness centers to remove mask requirements was when the percent of positivity rate drops below 3% for 2 consecutive weeks. We are currently at 4.4%. Please be patient. We want all of our students to feel comfortable and safe. We also ask that you continue to social distance while in class. I’ve had a few complaints about students who are not keeping a safe space between themselves and other students. Our hope is that by the time the next session starts, we will be able drop the mask mandate.

July Workshops

We typically close during the month of July, but this year we have decided to hold some workshops for those of you who are in town and want to learn something new or improve your technique. We may be adding additional workshops, so keep checking our Workshops and Events page at: https://www.w2wdance.com/workshops-and-events/

Tuesday July 6: Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio

Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center and AZ Tap Club are proud to bring you a day of classes with Anthony and Staci LoCascio.

Classes are being offered in person and via Zoom. Space is limited for the in person classes, so we recommend you register as soon as possible.

Class Registration:

1 Class: $30
2 Classes: $50
3 Classes: $75

Classes being offered are:

Intermediate and Advanced: 3 – 4 pm
This class is for students who are at a high level.

Advanced Beginning and Intermediate: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
This class is appropriate for Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center students who are comfortable in our Level 3 classes.

Beginning: 6 – 7 pm
This class is appropriate for Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center students who are comfortable in our Level 2 classes. Some of our more advanced Level 1 students might also be ready for this class.

There are also a limited number of private lesson slots available. Please contact Mary for pricing or to schedule your private lesson.

Click here to purchase class passes for this event

Click here to select your classes

Summer Workshop Series

Mary Wall

Join Mary Wall for a variety of classes during the month of July, including workshops to help you improve your shuffle technique, an exploration of basic steps and how they can be used in different rhythms, a fun Broadway-Style Tap class, and a workshop that takes your time step knowledge beyond our Level 2.7 class. Each class is $15 ($12 for our discount members) or you can use your flex-pass to enroll. All classes are available in person and via Zoom. Click here to register on our Wellness Living site.

Jenefer Ardell Miller

Jenefer Miller will be teaching a couple of workshops for us in July too! On July 13 she will teach a technique workshop for our higher level students (Level 3 and up). Then she’ll be back on July 23 for Tappy Hour! Bring a delicious beverage and join is for some fun tap combinations (21+ and open to all levels). All classes are available in person or via Zoom. Click here to register on our Wellness Living site.

Next Session Starts Monday, August 2

Our next regular session is scheduled to run August 2 – September 17. We are still working on our schedule for this session and hope to have it complete and registration available in the next couple of weeks. We will be offering a full schedule and will be adding classes to what is currently being offered. Once the schedule is available, we will send out an email update.

Updated Video Policy

We have had students ask if they can video parts of class to practice at home. Before the pandemic, we allowed people to do this on occasion, usually at the end of the last class of the session. While the studio was closed due to COVID-19, we built up a library of pre-recorded virtual class for all levels. All of our classes from Never-2-Late Part 1 through Level 2.9 are now available in this format. Each level has 7 lessons available that cover each of the 7 lessons you get in a session. Classes are emailed to recipients in a PDF file that contains the link to your video class and choreography notes. These virtual lessons cost the same as a regular class and you can use your flex-passes to pay for them. You do not need to purchase all 7 classes. You can pick and choose which classes in the series you want. If you just want the entire routine, you can purchase just the 7th class in the series.

The only exception to this policy is for Tap Level 3. At this level, we do a completely new routine every session and creating a virtual version of these classes is simply too time consuming while we are running a regular class schedule. For Tap Level 3, students will be allowed to video during week 7.

Our current library of pre-recorded virtual classes includes the following:

Please contact Mary if you are interested in purchasing any of these classes.

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