April 2021 Update

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Classes Start May 3!

We are preparing to resume classes on Monday, May 3. Registration is available online through our Wellness Living site. There are many new policies and procedures in place to help protect all of us from the spread of Covid-19, so please read through this posting thoroughly to make sure you understand and are prepared for classes.


  • You MUST pre-register for all classes. You will not be allowed into the studio without already having pre-registered and purchased your class online.
  • The deadline to register for all classes is 12 hours before the class is scheduled to begin. If you are not registered for class by this deadline, you will not be able to participate. This is also true for Zoom participants.
  • Zoom participants will receive the link for their class via email approximately 2-4 hours before the class is scheduled to begin.
  • Masks MUST be worn covering the mouth and nose at all times in the building including while dancing.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of your class. If you arrive earlier, you will be asked to wait outside. The lobby will not be open and available for early arrivals.
  • You MUST complete a health screening when you arrive at our studio. This will be conducted at the front door and will include questions about your current health, recent travel, and possible contact with others, and a temperature check. If you do not pass this screening, you will be asked to leave. If you think you might not pass this screening, we recommend that you either cancel your class registration or take the class via Zoom.
  • Late-comers will not be admitted to class. We will not take time away from class to perform health screening for late-comers.
  • All students must have a current signed Release of Liability form on file. Please complete this form and email it to the studio before your first class.
  • There are hand sanitizer dispensers located throughout the studio. Once you have been cleared to enter the studio, please sanitize your hands.
  • No more signing in! We are trying to limit the amount of “touching” that happens in the studio. Students will be checked into class on the computer only.
  • Students are asked to limit the items they bring with them to the studio to their tap shoes, small personal items (keys, wallet, small purse), and a water bottle. Each student will have a small plastic bin (14” X 10” X 3”) in which to place their personal items to keep them separate from the other students’ belongings. These bins will be sanitized after each class.
  • Come dressed and prepared to dance. Our restroom is open for restroom use only, not for changing.
  • In person class sizes are limited to 8 people maximum. Please space yourself at least 8-10 feet from other students during class.
  • Please leave within 5 minutes of the end of your class. We will need to sanitize the studio in preparation for the next class.
  • We are trying to limit the use of paper and pens in our studio. There will not be studio brochures and class schedules available at the studio and we ask that your complete your Release of Liability at home and then email it to us.

Release of Liability

All in person participants will need to have a current Release of Liability form on file. Please download this form, sign it, date it, and then email it to mary@w2wdance.com. Failure to do so may result in you being turned away from class.

Registration Schedule

If you are not comfortable registering online, we will be available in person or over the phone at 480-317-3000 next week to help you with your registration. If you call during these times and you do not get an answer, that means we are busy helping another student at the moment. If you leave a message, we will gladly call you back.

3 Ways to Take Classes

All of the classes on our schedule are available in person and via Zoom. We will also have pre-recorded virtual classes available for all classes except Level 3.

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