Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center Wins National Contest

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Screenvision Media has named Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center the winner of their 2019 Corner Stories Contest! “Corner Stories,” a feature in Screenvision’s Front + Center cinema preshow, was created by as part of Screenvision Media’s ongoing efforts to champion small businesses and highlight their compelling stories on the big screen. Screenvision Media sent a film crew to Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center last month to capture our story on film. This short film will be shown nationwide beginning today. You can see it on the big screen at any Harkins Theatre locally. If you’re not in Arizona, you can find a movie theatre that uses Screenvision Media for their preshow entertainment by clicking this link: https://screenvisionmedia.com/find-theatre/

Can’t get to the movies? Click here to watch it.

10 thoughts on “Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center Wins National Contest”

  1. Can’t wait to hit a Harkins to see the film. Of course, we, all of your students, always knew Wall to Wall was a standout! Hooray for your well deserved honor, Mary.

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