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I have tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 (HOORAY!), and therefore, I have decided to hold our previously scheduled Tappy Hour and Final Shim Sham events as scheduled. All attendees for both events will be required to wear a mask and will need to do your best to social distance from other attendees. We will be opening the back door and the garage door to allow for added airflow in the dance room during these events. If you are eating and/or drinking, you may move the mask away from your mouth, but please be sure to keep a safe distance from others while doing so.

I have received a lot of questions regarding “the free classes” during the Final Shim Sham event and I would like to clarify the intent of what we are doing. These are not classes that are open to all who wish to participate. The Last Chance Dances that are scheduled are intended to give students who have been attending these classes regularly during the October-November 2021 session a last chance to run the routine they have been learning for the last 7 weeks. Since classes were cancelled this week, I’m guessing a lot of students will want to do this. If you have not attended a majority of the classes during this session, we respectfully ask that you not participate. Everyone will be welcome to join in for the Shim Sham.

New Email List

Just a reminder, this website and my email will be shutting down in the near future. If you would like to stay informed of my future teaching endeavors, please sign up for my new email list if you haven’t already done so. Future emails from me will come from w2wdance@gmail.com. Please be sure to add this email to your safe senders list so that my emails do not end up in your junk folder.

You can sign up for the new email list here:


3 thoughts on “Tappy Hour & Final Shim Sham News”

  1. 😱I can’t believe I have to miss the final Saturday! Best of luck to all. I will miss everyone. Been a great number of years.

  2. Dang it! I’m going to miss the Last Chance Dance on Saturday. It’s been a pleasure learning and improving with your excellent teaching skills. Best wishes for the holidays and for your next great adventure. Best regards, Teri (I’m on the email list)

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