November 2021 News

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We are now winding down and will be offering our final classes this month. Our regular class schedule will end on Wednesday, November 17. We have a couple of events after that to celebrate the 8 great years we had at Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center. Read on to get all of the details.

New Email List

I have close to 1000 people on the current email list, and I’m relatively sure most of these people would not be interested in receiving future emails. Since the October newsletter, I have been collecting emails of those who say they want to remain on my list. This weekend, I sent out an email to this new list. Since my website and my email will be going away when the studio closes, this email came from, which is the email I will be using for my future business correspondence. If you did not receive the email and thought you had signed up, please check your junk or spam folders. If you still have not received it, it is possible there was a typo or mistake when I entered your email. You can easily fix this issue by clicking this link and signing up for yourself. Even if you hadn’t signed up before, you can also use this link to sign up to receive future emails.

Click here to sign up to receive future emails

Final Tappy Hour

Our final Tappy Hour with Jenefer Miller will be held on Friday, November 19 at 6 pm. Come spend some time tap dancing and enjoying a beverage or two. Some wine will be provided, or you are free to bring your own drink (does not need to contain alcohol). This event is for those 21 and over. Space is limited, so we are requiring advanced registration. This event is almost full! As of this writing, we only have 1 spot available for this event. If you are registered and will not make it, we kindly ask that you cancel your reservation so that someone who can attend will be able to use your spot.

The Final Shim Sham

Join us on Saturday, November 20 for our final event ever. Doors will open at 1 pm. We’ll have snacks, including popcorn and cupcakes, a “Last Chance to Dance” for each of the classes we offered this session, a prize giveaway, and the final Shim Sham. The Last Chance to Dance is being offered for each of the levels we had in the Oct-Nov Session. Each Last Chance to Dance will include a warm-up, a walk-through of the routine that was taught during the session, and then running the routine a couple of times. For our Never-2-Late students, we will be combining Part 1 and Part 2 students. You will be warmed up, run the shuffle sequence, do a little shim sham, and flap ball changes. The Part 2 students will also have an opportunity to do some shuffle off to Buffaloes and the Rockette step.

Masks Still Required

As the infection rate is still quite high in the Phoenix area, we will continue to screen everyone at the door and require masks to keep everyone as safe as possible. This includes our Tappy Hour and the Final Shim Sham event. We are monitoring the percent of positivity daily and will change our COVID related policies should there be a large improvement in the numbers.

Liquidation Sale

We are now having a final clearance sale on studio merchandise. Most items have been marked down to $5. We have Wall-2-Wall face masks available for $1 each. Our Never-2-Late DVDs are just $10 each. Our loaner shoes that are in the dance room are available for purchase at just $5 a pair. And we still have some brand-new Bloch Audeo Tap Shoes for just $45 (normally $86) and Jason Samuels Smith shoes available for $125 (normally $192), which is a huge discount over what you would pay elsewhere.

I am also in the process of clearing out some of my gently used personal tap shoes that I don’t use anymore. Since tap shoe sizing runs differently, for reference I wear a size 7 in my street shoes. I have the following shoes available for sale:

Bloch Chloe and Maud Tap Shoes black and white, size 8: $40
Bloch Jason Samuels Smith in Black, size 8: $100
Bloch Jason Samuels Smith in Blue Patent Leather, size 8: $100

And I have an additional pair of gently used black and white Chloe and Maud Tap Shoes in a size 4.5 that are also available for $40 that I’m selling for a friend. If you or someone you know has tiny feet, these shoes might just work for you!

We will also be selling a lot of our fixtures and furniture. These items will be posted on our Facebook page as we get closer to the end, and the items are no longer being used. Included in these items will be the theatrical curtain that hangs in the dance room and the lobby furniture. I have had a lot of people ask if they could buy a panel of the dance floor. Right now, I am searching for a buyer who is interested in purchasing the entire floor. As we get closer to December, if there are no promising buyers, I will then look to sell the panels individually.

Lost and Found

After classes conclude at the end of the month, any of the items left in the Lost and Found box will be donated to charity. There’s quite a collection of water bottles, sweatshirts, socks, and even a couple of earrings. If you’re missing any items, you might check out the box the next time you’re at the studio.

7 thoughts on “November 2021 News”

  1. I’m going to do my best to register for the Never 2 Late class on Saturday at 1:30. Wall2Wall was a place where my 65 year old self could just dance even though I couldn’t remember the routines! Thanks for the chance.

    1. We are not taking registration for this event. Students who are taking classes this session will be given priority. If there is space available, then people who are not currently taking classes will be allowed to participate on a first come, first served basis.

  2. I didn’t take the Oct-Nov session. Can I still join the last chance dance or is it only for those students?

    1. Students who have taken classes this session will be given priority. If there is space available, others will be allowed to participate on a first come, first served basis.

    1. There is no registration. All are welcome for the event itself and to observe the last chance dances. If you want to participate in the “Last Chance Dance,” students who have taken classes this session will be given priority. If there is space available, others will be allowed to participate on a first come, first served basis. These are not classes and not designed to teach the routine.

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