COVID-19 Exposure

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We have cancelled classes for Monday, November 15 – Wednesday, November 17 due to a Covid-19 exposure at the studio. An individual who was at 2 different classes on Wednesday, November 10 tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday, November 13. This person was present for the Never-2-Late Part 1 class at 11:15 am Wednesday morning and for the Tap Level 1 class at 6:15 pm Wednesday evening. This is a breakthrough case, as the person who tested positive is fully vaccinated. If you were in either of these classes, we recommend that you get tested. We ask that you please notify us if you do test positive, as it will help us decide whether we should cancel Friday’s Tappy Hour and/or the Final Shim Sham event that is scheduled for Saturday, November 20.

We are sorry to do this, but we would much rather be safe than to needlessly expose any of our staff and students to Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 Exposure”

  1. Thank you for the update. My son and daughter in law both had their shots but that was back in January of 2021. The also had breakthrough case just this past week. I just got my booster shot. Hope booster will do the trick and I have started to get in my mind that each year like a flu shot we may be getting a booster covid shot. Hope not but I won’t be surprised if we have to. Hope everyone will be okay.

    1. Hi Janet, unfortunately unless they keep up with the mutations every year, the booster shot (if I’m not mistaken) is still only covering the original strain. The breakthrough cases tend to be the mutations (or re-infections once the antibodies have worn off.) Mutating viruses mutate to get around the antibodies (i.e. once enough people have antibodies to one strain, they mutate in order to stay alive). If they’re going to do this every year like the flu shot, they need to figure out the top group of coronavirus strains that year, like how the flu shot typically covers about the top 8 strains of influenza each season, and make the shot to cover those strains. The coronavirus family of viruses has been around for centuries and typically just causes the sniffles in most healthy people, so I think the long-term hope is that this strain will eventually mutate itself down to strains that just cause a low-level head cold. Sorry if you know all this already, I just find that most people get confused by immunizations, like when people get sick 3 weeks after getting the flu shot and don’t know that it’s possible to get a strain that isn’t one of the 8 covered by the vaccine. As a sidenote if your son and daughter in law got their original shots back in January, chances are the majority of their immunity has died off by now. The antibodies don’t last forever and I think 10 months is a little long for this vaccine. Anyway I hope they’re doing well! (For reference I’m a nurse who’s been taking care of infectious disease patients for almost 20 years). Stay safe and happy tapping! 🙂

  2. I’m going to go ahead and cancel my spot in Tappy Hour then. I’d rather be safe than sorry also. Thanks for the “heads up”. Appreciate it.

  3. Mary — I’m so sorry you’re going through this with all the precautions and care you’ve taken to keep everyone safe. I appreciate your vigilance, but sure miss class this week!

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